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Incident on Highway 73 Official Selection at Lundshut Short Film Festival in Germany.


Competition For International Fantastic Short Films

The Deadline_Award is a special Award for an outstanding Horror, Mystery, Fantasy or Thriller Short Film and will be awarded during the Landshut Short Film Festival from 26th till 31st March 2014.
The Deadline_Award is presented by the Deadline Film Magazine

Oct 2013 07
Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73

Dave Gallegos, Jason Hafer, Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73

Incident on Highway 73 Wins Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the 2013 Shriekfest Horror Film Festival! Big thanks to festival director Denise Gossett for hosting such an amazing event and a huge congratulations to the cast and crew!! Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-Con Screamfest horror sci-fi

Oct 2013 06


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Incident on Highway 73 Festival List

Shriekfest 2013 – Winner Best Sci-Fi Short
Comic-Con International 2013 – Winner Best Sci-Fi Short + Judges Choice award
Screamfest 2012 – Winner Best Horror Short
Fallbrook International 2013 – Winner Best Dramatic Short
Jerome Independent Film Festival 2013 – Winner Best Horror Short
Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Fest 2013 – Winner Best Fantasy Short
NY Winter Film Awards 2013 – Winner Best Horror Short
Burbank International Film Festival 2013 – Winner Best Thriller + Best Actress
Festivus 2013 – Winner Best Editing
Little Rock Horror Picture Show Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection
Big Bear International 2013 – Official Selection
AM/FM Fest Cochella 2013 – Official Selection
Crypticon NY 2013 – Official Selection
Bumbershoot SIFF Seattle Reel 1 Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection
Cortopolis 2013 – Official Selection
Landshut Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Incident on Highway 73!


Brian Thompson film Incident on Highway 73 at Screamfest at comic-con at shriekfest

Sep 2013 08

Congratulations to our lead actress Elizabeth Schmidt on her win for “Best Actress” in Incident on Highway 73 at the Burbank International Film Festival and to the cast and crew of Incident on Highway 73 for the win for “Best Thriller”


Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-Con Screamfest Horror Sci-Fi 

Aug 2013 23

965277_540784829320694_1242152571_oIncident on Highway 73 wins Best Horror Short at Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. Big Thanks to Toni Ross and the whole festival! Brian Thompson Comic-Con Incident on Highway 73 Screamfest Shriekfest Horror Sci-fi 

Aug 2013 17

Director Brian Thompson talking horror films and Incident on Highway 73 1097187_538405069558670_1742589980_oat the FEARnet panel at the Hollyshorts film festival yesterday. Also on the panel was director Tom Holland (Fright Night, Childs Play), Rebecca McKendry (Fangoria), Erik Gardener (Blue Hole, Mangler Reborn), Luke Passmore (Walking Dead Webseries, Teen Wolf)

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.36.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.45.36 PM Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-con Screamfest Shriekfest Horror Sci-Fi

Jul 2013 26

Congratulations to the entire crew of Incident on Highway 73! Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film + Judges’ Choice Award at 2013 Comic-Con International Film Festival.

Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-con 

May 2013 14

Incident on Highway 73 Wins “Best Fantasy Short” at The Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival 2013! Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-con Horror Sci-fi Fear and Fantasy

Apr 2013 08

Incident on Highway 73 wins Best Dramatic Short at Fallbrook Film Festival! Congrats to the whole 73 team! Thanks Fallbrook Film Festival for such a great night!

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.05.05 PM Rich Minga & Brian Thompson at the awards Gala

Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Screamfest Comic-con Shriekfest Horror Sci-Fi

Mar 2013 05

Incident on Highway 73 Wins Best Horror Short at NY Winter Film Awards! Nick Torres (Sound Designer) was there to represent!


63223_467747413291103_388085313_n Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Comic-con

Oct 2012 22

Oct 20th, 2012

The Vault LA is very proud to announce Brian Thompson’s 26 minute tension filled Sci-Fi Thriller takes home the award for Best Short at Screamfest! The film helmed by Thompson was written and co-produced by Michael Kirk, edited by Dave Gallegos and Lensed by Jason Hafer.

About Screamfest
Screamfest Horror Film Festival is the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States. Some of the largest horror online publications have called it the “Sundance of Horror”.

Oct 2012 06

Brian Thompson’s Sci-Fi Thriller Incident on Highway 73 is an official selection at Screamfest 2012! Screens Oct 19th @7:30pm

Check it out here SCREAMFEST 2012

Synopsis: On Christmas Eve of 2005 Jeff and Kelly took a trip through the desert and mysteriously disappeared. This is the account of their final hours.

Brian Thompson Incident on Highway 73 Screamfest Comic-con 

Oct 2012 05

Check out the Poster for Incident on Highway 73

Photograph by Mike Olbinski
Oct 2012 01

Brian Thompson’s Sci-Fi Thriller Incident on Highway 73 is an official selection at Screamfest 2012!

Check it out here SCREAMFEST 2012


Jul 2012 03

Check out the new video collaboration between Pop Artist Kimberly Cole, Keith Apicary and Brian Thompson!

Click Here to watch in depth coverage on Kimberly Cole’s new show FM on Stylehaul

May 2012 10

Brian Thompson picks up his camera for creative Photoshoot with DJ BAD BOY BILL. Thompson says it was a “Killer Collaboration and he hopes to work with Bad Boy Bill again in the future” Check out BAD BOY BILL HERE

Mar 2012 27

Today we held our private cast and crew screening of Incident on Highway 73 Directed by Brian Thompson and Written by Michael Kirk! Now just doing the final tweaks for blu-ray! More info coming soon!! To stay up to date with the film and see more info visit the official facebook page

Aug 2011 30

Thompson collaborates with Cuban Native Mayra Veronica on Freak Like me Music Video. Mayra Veronica landed the cover of Billboard Magazine again in July 2011 for the release of her new single “Freak Like Me”, which reached top 10 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Charts. In March 2012 Mayra Veronica’s video “Freak Like Me”, featuring Antonio Sabato Jr. who play’s Verónica’s love interest, was added to MTV Hits & VHI Latin America on full rotation.

Apr 2011 21

Check out the Animatic Storyboard Teaser for the Film! Production UNDERWAY!!!

Nov 2010 24

Brian Thompson directs new promo spot for STUDY FOOTWEAR. STUDY, the new brand launched by Stampd’LA designer Chris Stamp is a California-cool unisex sneaker line designed to reach a larger demographic and fit even a student’s budget. But, its more than just a new sneaker line, a big part of STUDY is the “Study for Shoes” program which launched this year and gives back to schools in need by donating Study branded stationary, pencils, and other school and art supplies to students, thus arming them with tools to inspire creativity. The concept behind the new spot directed by Thompson builds upon the theme of inspiring creativity and illustrates how ideas turn into product. The spot creatively reveals a day in the life of the designers at STUDY. Check out the new spot here.

Scope the STUDY line at

Sep 2010 08

Look out for this brutal video for Artist Kimberly Cole. Theres some bitches getting smacked!! We had so much fun and such a great and talented crew on this video!!! Special thanks to Choreographer Tricia Miranda, DP Jessica Young, Stylist Derek Lee, Editor Jarret Fijal, CBM Casting, Production Designer Melissa Balter, Stunt Coordinators Mindy Kelly, Anis Cheurfa and Daniel Graham. You Guys Rock!!!!

Sep 2010 01

Stampd’ LA worked with Taz Arnold and his TI$A label on a three piece collection of printed canvas sneakers. Each pair features original artwork by Taz, where he offers a distinct TI$A twist to three different luxury goods labels. Brian Thompson directed the SOON to be released commercial to support the launch! The clip was edited by Dave Gallegos shot by Kevin Joelson.

Check out the behind the scenes HERE

Aug 2010 28

The Vault LA is Stoked to announce the signing of Director ROME!!! Check out ROMES director page and scope his steez!

Aug 2010 26

Check out the Commercial Campaign for Blood, Sweat and Tears from Director Ahmi Manson!!!

“Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Aug 2010 15

The Vault LA teamed up with DLD Creations to create pilot for the documentary series “Surviving Earth” a documentary series focused on Climate Change. The series is produced & directed by Brian Thompson, Shot by Jason Hafer, Edited by Dave Gallegos and executive produced by Diane Douglas of DLD.

Oct 2009 28

The 13th Annual Hollywood Film Festival’s “Hollywood Awards” ceremony was held last night before a standing-room-only audience of over 1,100 Hollywood Film Festival attendees at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The winners of the festival’s film competition were announced Sunday night at the “Hollywood Discovery Awards Presentation Ceremony at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. This year’s winners are: “Crossing” by Kim Tae-kyun – Best Feature Film; “Garbage Dreams” by Mai Iskander – Best Documentary; “Scenesters” by Todd Berger – Best Comedy; “Stories From The Perch” by Andrew Zimbelman –Best Animation, “Lambs” by Stephen Huff – Best Short Subject, “As I Lay Dying – The Sound Of Truth” by Brian Thompson – Best Music Video.

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis comments on the win “The Sound of Truth video could not have been made without an entire team of amazing people. It was a combination of two individually complex forms of art that came together seamlessly to create one great video I’m very proud of. The basic concept is related to the music and lyrics that we wrote, but Brian Thompson and his whole crew took that beyond what we could have imagined.”

Directed by Brian Thompson, who helmed their futuristic clip for “Nothing Left,” the video for “The Sound of Truth” was made at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, CA and is a continuation of the story the first video initiated. Like its predecessor, the story for this video was conceived by the band, fine-tuned by director Brian Thompson, and displays the irony and hypocrisy that takes place in a decaying futuristic society.

Oct 2009 05

We are proud to announce the talented and award winning director Carlos Florez is now part of our directing team. Carlos has a style and vision that is a welcome addition to The Vault LA. Keep your eyes out for big things from Carlos.

Credits Include

Dead Arm w/ Cleopatra & KB – “Paramount”
Kinky – “Coqueta”
Eva – “Sekso”
Kinky – “Those Girls”

Sep 2009 05

It’s Armageddon time! Divine Heresy unleash their monstrous metal mayhem in the wreckage of a destroyed city in Brian Thompson’s performance vid.

Jan 2009 08

Brian Thompsons Paranormal Video for All That Remains “Two Weeks” Snags the #2 spot on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball Best of 2008. This is Brians second year in a row having videos in the Top Slots. The previous year he had Killswitch Engage “Holy Diver” and As I lay Dying “The Sound of Truth” in the top slots as chosen by MTV Staff!!!

Dec 2008 21

Check out the new spot from That Guy that shows what chip families all over the world are talking about!

Dec 2008 21

Check out the awesome spot from Nathan Fackrell as the Doritos chips battle it out in “Flavor Collision”

Sep 2008 17

Ahmi Manson has finished the “Blood, Sweat, Tears” Commercial Campaign for Kid Dangerous Clothing Line. Ahmi beautifully captures a series of individuals revealing their deepest secrets and life attitudes.

Aug 2008 06

Jason Hafer has teamed up once again with our good friends at Big Fantastic and Executive Producer McGee to shoot “Sorority Forever” for Warner Brothers has brought back The WB as an online network and “Sorority Forever” is their flagship show!! The new site launches online August 27th and Sorority Forever launches on the site September 7th. Don’t miss it!!

Aug 2008 03

At the 3rd Annual Blacklist Film Festival in South Lake Tahoe this August, The Vault LA received the award for Best Music Videos for the As I Lay Dying series directed by Brian Thompson

Aug 2008 01

The Vault LA is proud to announce the signing of director Ahmi Manson!!

Ahmi Manson has some of the cleanest and most energetic videos we’ve ever seen! Theres a quality about them that draws you in and keeps you there. You feel like your a part of the action!!

So keep an eye our for more badass projects to come from Ahmi !!

Jul 2008 16

Brian Thompson has just finished production on the “Two Weeks” Video for All That Remains of Prosthetic Records/Razor & Tie. This epic ghost hunter video stays true to Brian’s high concept narrative style. Actress Anabella Casanova turns out an incredible performance as the woman who is searching for the ghosts of All That Remains. Accompanied with stunning visuals and a badass performance by All That Remains! Keep your eyes out for this one!!

May 2008 03

Brian Thompson Directs a bangin video for young hip hop group Small Change ft. Chani of Jean Rah Fya Records and Lil JJ. This colorful dance video is for the single “Don’t Be Shy” also features a cameo from Corbin Blue, so for all you high school musical lovers out there you don’t wanna miss this one. Keep your eyes open on 106 & Park or BET to see the video!!!

BET’s hit television show ‘106 & Park’ will be sending out a new message as the new hit single video from Small Change directed by Brian Thompson of The Vault LA, debuts Thursday, June 5th 2008 at 6pm ET/PT. The three brothers that make up the group, Patrick, Cameron and Payton Scott have completed the music video for their new single hit ‘Don’t Be Shy’ and it is scheduled air Thursday, giving fans and friends who have followed the boys for years a chance to vote, keeping the catchy video on the air across the Nation.

Mega-producer DJ Blak is the brain child, behind this sensational track. Blak has worked with popular music artists such as T.I., Eve, Lil John, and T-Pain and is highly impressed with the performance Small Change gave for this video.

‘The music industry has been searching for a fresh new sound and message for years.’ said DJ Blak. ‘I believe Small Change is going to make a big difference not only to the fans but the industry as well, and Thursday’s debut gives everyone a chance to have their voice heard.’

‘Don’t Be Shy’ not only features pop teen sensation Chani, but a well known vocalist surprise from Nickelodeon’s, Lil’JJ, from the hit show ‘Just Jordan’ and Corbin Bleu from Disney’s highly acclaimed ‘High School Musical’, who have been loyal friends to this talented young group. Other supportive and well known friends working to introduce the group, making an appearance in the video are Tequan Richmond of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, Malcolm David Kelly from ‘Lost’, Paige Hurd from ‘Beauty Shop’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and Taylor Park of ‘Hairspra

Apr 2008 04

The Fackrell brothers have recently completed the video for “Already Over” for RED of Epic Records. This video is a visual effects spectacle that will pull on the heartstrings of the best of them. So keep an eye on FUSE and MTV2 to catch the video debut in the coming weeks! You won’t wanna miss this one.

Mar 2008 18

Brian Thompson directs a commercial spot for Velvet Grip tattoo and piercing shop featuring Pixie from the hit TV show LA Ink. But don’t be fooled this is no ordinary tattoo shop spot. With vintage costumes, elaborate sets and beautiful imagery Brian has put his usual creative twist on this spot. Pixie has left the show and is now a piercer at The Velvet Grip, so get off the computer and go get something pierced! The spot is currently airing during all episodes of LA Ink new and re-runs on TLC so check it out. If you don’t wanna wait for the show you can also check it out at

Feb 2008 11

The Fackrell Brothers shoot the “Lines Are Faded” video for the band Time Again of Hellcat Records. The guys put together a pretty badass performance video for this track that you’ll definitely wanna check out!

Jan 2008 01

Brian Thompson’s Epic Sequel to Grammy Nominated Artist As I Lay Dying’s video for “Nothing Left” Premieres on Headbangers Ball January 19th. Grab your bag of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn and turn down the lights!!!!

Dec 2007 28

MTV Staff releases their top 20 picks for the best metal videos of 2007… Brian Thompson has 2 VIDEOS IN THE TOP 20!!
Killswitch Engage “Holy Diver” came in at #14 and As I Lay Dying “Nothing Left” came in at #5.

Oct 2007 10

Well…The anticipation is over! Another exciting installment to the As I Lay Dying series is scheduled to shoot. Metal Blade Records has green lit a sequel to the first video for “Nothing Left”. This second video will be for the track “The Sound of Truth”. Picking up right where the last video left off Brian looks to bring you and even grittier futuristic look as well as even more epic visual effect sequences if you can believe that. You won’t wanna miss one! It’ll be premiering on MTV2 in early 2008, so check it out and lets get everyone saying TRILOGY!! The video will be shot by Jason Hafer and edited by Dave Gallegos.

Sep 2007 10

Fresh off the heels of the Evergreen terrace video we’re on our way to Chicago, IL where Brian is scheduled to direct a video for the hit band Madina Lake. We’ll be shooting the video for the song “One Last Kiss”. The video should open to a big reception as the band recently received the very prestigious Kerrang Award for best new artist, beating out The Mars Volta. The video will be shot all over Chicago so it’ll be a big challenge but we’re most definitely up for it! The video will premier in the UK in late 2007 and will have a U.S. premier in early 2008. The video will be produced by Carolyn Vye, shot by Jason Hafer and edited by Dave Gallegos.

Sep 2007 01

The crew travels to Jacksonville, FLA where Brian will direct a video for the recently signed band Evergreen Terrace. They’re a very talented young metal band that caught the eye of big time front man Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying. Having just created his own record label High Impact Records a subsidiary of Metal Blade Records he signed Evergreen Terrace as the first band to his label. After our crew having shot the video for “Nothing Left” Tim asked us to go out and shoot the video for Evergreen Terrace, so naturally… here we go!

Aug 2007 28

Jam to the stores everyone! because today Killswitch Engage re-released their album “As Daylight Dies” as a special edition double disk CD/DVD. The DVD contains the critically acclaimed video for the cover song “Holy Diver” Directed by Brian Thompson and shot by Jason Hafer so GO OUT AND GET IT! It’s the only chance you’ll ever have to get this video on DVD.

Aug 2007 08

The video for As I Lay Dying “Nothing Left” Premiers this Saturday 8/11/07 at 10PM on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball. So Don’t miss it!!

Aug 2007 01

So… After the incredible success of the “Holy Diver” video for Killswitch Engage, legendary British rock magazine Kerrang has done a full two-page spread on the making of the video in their August 2007 magazine.

Jun 2007 22

Dave signs on to edit “United by Fate” Episode 2 featuring skateboarder Chris Haslam for Globe. “United by Fate” is an episodic series of skate films featuring Globe riders. The episodes will air with bonus behind the scenes footage on Fuel TV during the skate @ 8 block this summer

Jun 2007 06

Brian Thompson takes on a video for “As I Lay Dying”. This is the first video for their Album “An Ocean Between Us” for the track “Nothing Left”. The video is set in a broken down future society of sickness, violence, and corruption. It’ll be shot on a green screen stage in Van Nuys, CA and will feature an array of spectacular visual effects. You won’t wanna miss this one!

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